Root Solutions Legal Medical Consultants.

My name is Shirl Root RN LNC JD, a legal nurse consultant and President of Root Solutions LLC. Our company is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals based in Las Vegas, Nevada who focus on the medical aspects of the legal profession. We also provide digital media services including photography, multi-media preparation and web design.

Experienced Staff

Our staff and associates have a wide range of experience in the medical and mental health field including but not limited to: neurology, spinal surgery, critical care, drug and substance abuse, juvenile sex offender treatment, gerontology, front and back office, JCAHO and Medicaid/Medicare compliance and certification, Nevada Nurse Practice Standards, and policy manual preparation, and two highly skilled photographers with over 25 years experience.

Legal Services

We offer support services to attorneys and other legal professionals in cases involving medical issues. Founded in 2007, our goal was to provide superior and timely service to those involved in medical malpractice, personal injury cases, industrial injuries, etc. Our focus on cases involving wrongful death and/or injury, needless surgery, implants and medical device failure, post-surgical infection, billing irregularities, or any case that involves the need for a medical/legal professional’s opinion. Additional services of exhibit preparation, photography, videography, web site construction and expert witness location are provided as well.


My juris doctorate degree together with 36 years as a practicing RN enable me to evaluate a case both from the legal as well as the medical perspective.
Thank you for your interest and please visit the Services Page for a complete list of what we offer. You will find CV's and other information regarding our associates on the Staff page.