Shirl Root RN, LNC, JD

ASN 1975 3.9 GPA

Kaplan Law School
Legal Nurse Consultant 2001

Nova Law School
Juris Doctorate cum laude 2008

Desert Willow Treatment Center
6917 West Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

Psychatric Nurse II
Supervisor of three long term residential units for mentally ill children, adolescents, and juvenile sex offenders. Administering medications, developing medical treatment plans, assignments for mental health technicians, working member of the treatment team, developing the medical aspect of Aftercare Plans, working member and scriber on the Ethics Committee, responsible for maintaining compliance for a behavioral health facility with standards set forth by regulatory services (JACHO, Medicade, Nevada State Nursing Board etc.)

Spring Mountain Treatment Center
7000 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Nurse Manager
Responsible for overseeing an 82 bed residential treatment center for mentally ill adolescents. Develop programming and policies and procedures to maintain a restraint-free facility. Review medical records for content to meet JCAHO and HCVA standards. Oversee all nursing services to maintain the highest level of standards according to the Nurse Practice Act. Identify and evaluate risks to develop and establish the foremost method for reducing those risk factors to preserve a safe environment. Working member of the Clinical Management Team responsible for maintaining standards for a behavioral health facility in accordance with regulatory facilities. Monitor clinical staffing, scheduling and management of FTE’s.

Assessment Specialist and Nurse Educator
Interview parents and prospective patients to establish criteria for admission. Speak with insurance Companies, HMO’s and Medicade to obtain consent to admit. Community liaison to group homes, Juvenile Detention, hospital emergency rooms, state facilities, CPS, Child Haven, Boys and Girls Town etc., to evaluate and assess adolescents and children for admission or referral into our facility. Prepare continuing education for all MHTs’ and nurses to acquire their mandatory CEU’s

January 2001-December 2001
Fountain Ridge Hospital
3371 N. Buffalo
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

Director of Clinical Services/Director of Nursing
Member of the Board of Directors and Hospital Management Team. Employed under a one year contract to develop programming and nursing standards for a new, 28 bed modified medical detoxification facility. Participated in planning, policy development and priority setting of the institution for State and BADA licensing as well as developing the criteria for the first Methodone dispensing license for a privately owned, free standing facility and getting it approved by the FDA in Washington. Responsible for planning, implementing and evaluation of clinical care systems and for patient health outcomes attributable to clinical nursing practice. Writing all clinical policies that are consistent with the overall goals of the institution, standards and laws which apply to Nursing Service, and the governing Nurse Practice Act of the State of Nevada. Review and correct all clinical problems to assure the continuity and integrity of the services provided to patients. Support and demonstrate the mission, vision, and values of the hospital. Active participant in business development and marketing. Oversee infection Control for patients and employees. Responsible for coordinating and evaluating Performance Improvement and Risk Management to provide a structured environment and input the results to a data base. Identify, investigate, analyze and evaluate the risks and the selection of the most advantageous method of correcting, reducing or eliminating identifiable risks. Assist with the management of general and professional liability claims against the facility, interfacing with the defense council. Monitor clinical scheduling, staffing and management of FTE’s.

Montevista Hospital
5900 W. Rochelle Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Assistant Director of Nursing 12/99 to 2001
Responsible for all education, staff development, staff evaluations and demonstrated competency training for RN’s, LPN’s, and MHT’s. Provide departmental and unit in-servicing and preceptorship to new orientees. Oversee and input data base all clinical performances, Improvement/Risk Management for the Adult Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Adolescent/Child units. Infection Control Nurse for patients and employees. Monitor clinical scheduling, staffing, and payroll for all units. Develop and implement Policies and Procedures and monitor consistency with all regulatory licensing authorities. Establish a continuum of care and related lines of service in response to senior adult needs in the community by providing lectures and in-services to care givers. Maintain laison with unit and departmental mangers, medical staff, and administration.

Director of Geropsych Unit 8/94-5/99
Developed the Montevista Hospital Geropsych Program together with the Clinical Director Carlos Ortega, MD
Responsible for the overall functioning of all geropsych services and programs and provided on-going supervision of all program activities. Maintaied laison with other departmental directors, medical staff and significant referral sources. Developed and implemented Policies and Procedures specific to the senior adult patient and monitored consistency with all regulatory licensing authorities. Established a continued of care and related lines of service in response to patient needs and the community. Provided lectureslectures and in-services to the community addressing problems and solutions for the elderly. Developed and in-serviced staff on Validation Techniques for communicating with Alzheimer’s patients, dealing with the aggressive/assaultive senior patient, and recognizing depression in the elderly.

Clinical Nurse Supervisor 12/92 to 12/94
Responsible for coordinating total nursing care of behavioral health and substance abuse patients and providing leadership by working with ancillary nursing and other patient team personnel in maintaining standards for professional nursing practice on the clinical setting. Responsible for clinical staffing and payroll.

Robert W. Wiliams, MD
Chief of Neurosurgery, Sunrise Hospital
3201 South Maryland Parkway # 600
Las Vegas, Nevada

Neurosurgical Nurse Administrator
Responsible for evaluating, assessing and screening of neurosurgical patients. Knowledgeable in all diagnostic testing and reading of CT scan, MRI, Angiography, Myelogram and Bilateral Carotid studies. Scheduling and monitoring of all neurosurgical procedures in the operating room. Gathering statistics for research papers by technical developmental research in advanced neurosurgical experimental procedures. Teaching clinical staff, paramedics, emergency room staff in recognizing and handling the acute neurologically compromised patient. Developed a post-operative educational handbook for the spinal surgery patient. Daily rounds on pre and post-op patients for the assessment neurological status. On-call 24/7.

March of Dimes Distinguished Nurse of the Year 1999
Nominated to the Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada Yearbook 1999
Manager of the Year 1998 Montevista Hospital
Nominated March of Dimes Nurse of the Year 1998
Nominated into International Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women 1998
Manager of the Year 1997 Montevista Hospital
Nominated March of Dimes Nurse of the Year 1996
Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society 2001 GPA 96.5

National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA)
Alzheimer’s Association Nevada Chapter
Alzheimer’s Association Task Force for Nevada Legislature

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